ethereal art epic

What can one inhale and exhale mean?

Fluttering scarf on top of the mountain. Steam clouds. The smell of the ocean.

The air carries and lines everything that flows, floats and spreads, smolders.

There are many different dragons.

Heavenly dragons are servants of the gods and guardians of their land. Earth dragons live in the seas and rivers. Dragon ghosts are protectors of peasants, they can invoke rain and wind. Treasure keepers are dragons guarding the wealth. Some dragons have five fingers.

The kite is the first swallow of happiness, hills and plains.

Fulfills wishes.

The Ministry of Dragons is meeting at a slow pace.

Inhale and exhale.





Reportáž v pořadu Události v kultuře, Česká televize, 11.7.2021

Playlist k inscenaci na Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/56le3W8QHvkEEilYNVHjTt

Premiere: 13. a 14. July 2021, Archa Theatre, Praha

The production was produced by the Archa Theater within the dramaturgical module Archa.Fresh.


Thanks to:

Václavu Valtrovi, Divadlu Archa, mrakům a vzduchu, že jsou.

Foto: Jan Hromádko, Jakub Hrab, Nikola Ivanov, Jan Tyl