TABULA RASA was established in 2019 as a logical result of the collaboration of creators who met on several different projects. The base consists of the creators Mikoláš Zika, Jeník Tyl, Jan Brejcha, who came from the Department of Arts Management and Department of Alternative Theatre and Puppetry at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

With our approach, we try to offer a unique view of cultural activities not only in the field of theatre. At the heart of our work is respect for the craft. We work with different types of materials. Garbage, things we haven’t used for a long time, which we try to give new meaning to. We live in the belief that another approach, in the current setting of the planet, is not possible. It is necessary. Recycle, use the already created, do not overwhelm the circulation with other „new“ and again unnecessary things, whose essence and meaning no one will ever discover.

We take into account genre diversity and interdisciplinarity in our work. By emphasizing the artistic component of our projects, we bring a new perspective on theatre. We work as a certain laboratory, looking for new ways, directions and connections of individual artists in a unique synergistic shape. Our work has a certain ecological – philosophical dimension. Main goal is to search for and find possible and unique ways of expression. To create a new means of expression based on craft and distinctive poetics.

TABULA RASA has the ambition to create an author’s platform for the creation of not only theatre projects. We combine different artistic approaches. We are a production-artistic cell which, in addition to its own original theatrical productions, creates exhibitions, set design, publications, art objects etc.


Jan Tyl



tel.: +420 774 152 784

Anna Reisigová



tel.: +420 774 649 088