The performance is based on a speech by Lee Brown. Continental Aboriginal Council in 1986. Tanana, Valley Fairgrounds, Fairbanks, Alaska.

This speech combines the legacy of Indian mythology about the origin of the universe, the earth, the division of human races, their mission throughout human history, and the possible paths and directions one might take. According to Lee Brown, we are now at a fundamental historical juncture. According to prophecy, we have one last chance to pause and try to remember the legacy of our ancestors that we have forgotten.

The masks are based on the tradition of the North American tribe of Haida. These totem masks work on the principle of an opening altar, which tells the whole story.

PREMIERE: 3. 4. 2019 in Theatre Alfred ve dvoře

Video: Kryštof Zika

Hlas: Pavel Rímský

Foto: Teres Bartůňková

Představení – Alfred ve dvoře